New Dawn Centre

The Arunothayam Childrens Home – or the New Dawn Centre. 

Young Hope supports the nuns in providing for 26 of the children living on site. These are thSome of the Young Hope children in their bedroom e high risk children most likely to suffer some sort of abuse or those who have extra hardships to deal with at home. These children are living in the home most of the year, but Sister Arul does try to find a safe relative´s home for the child to have one week’s break every now and again. This helps the children retain contact with their family and also gives her a break.

Doing the chores in the mornings

Doing the chores in the mornings

These children begin their day at 5am with various chores including washing their clothes, watering the gardens and cleaning the home and school buildings. Then they have breakfast and leave for state school. After school they have lunch and then other children join them for the extra tuition provided by the convent. There could be around 100-150 children daily. After the extra tuition classes the children living within the centre have more chores to do and then share a simple meal and go back to study. They finish their day around 10pm. On a Saturday when there is no school they have a whole day of tuition classes and then they are joined by up to 400 children.  On a Sunday the children have some chores to attend to and then attend church and have some free time.  All of this has been managed by Sister Arul with the help of 2 part-time teachers and two cooks. After our trip there in July 2007 we have agreed to pay for another part-time teacher. We would also like to see all 400 children fed more regularly. At the moment they have a cooked meal between 3-4 times per year. We would like to see this happen once a month. With the profit from fundraising events and other donations we hope to achieve this and even more.

Since then, there have been several trip to see the project, and work alongside the Nuns and Children, to offer help and love.  If you would like to be a part of this great project, please contact us to learn more. 

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