Currently we have over 40 individual sponsors who support Young Hope with their regular payments into the sterling bank account which we hold for the children. This support enables us to send regular monthly instalments to the orphanage to supplement the feeding and education of the young ones. A small proportion of the money given goes into  a bank account for your child and that money will be given to the child at age 18 to help them set up a business or fund further studies. The majority of the money is used for all the children, funding teachers, providing school supplies, food and clothing. We do not take any money for administrative costs but cover these costs out of our pockets.

We are still looking for more assistance,  and if you feel you would like to support these orphaned children in the war torn area of the north east of the country please contact us via our email addresses.

For as little as 7 pounds a month you too can make a difference to a young life.

Some of the children in the school room with a teacher.

Some of the children in the school room with a teacher.

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