Sponsor a Child to have a  Christmas

You may have heard of buying chickens/cows for Christmas, well how about making Christmas extra special for a child this year.  A donation of just £25 will help us to ensure the children have a special Christmas time and can even give your friends/family a gift voucher explaining about the project and how their Christmas gift has helped.

Feed the Children

We would love to be able to feed all the children a cooked dinner once a month. Many of the children walk long

The children having a meal of porridge/gruel

The children having a meal of porridge/gruel

distances to and from school, surviving on a small snack made from rice, coconut milk and green vegetables.  Although this is a nutritious snack we would love to be able to give the children more.  We only have enough funds to provide a cooked meal of curry and rice 3-4 times a year at present.

Give a cow

Scheme started: November 2007

Many of the children come from very poor families and so have little food at home. One way we can make a dramatic difference would be to provide some families with a cow, giving access to fresh milk, affecting their daily diet and their health.  Families may also be able to sell  or trade some of the milk to make an income.

Young Hope cow

Young Hope cow

A very big thank you to all who have supported the ‘’buying a cow’’ project. We have already bought our first 6 cows. AMAZING! We have agreed with the families who have received a cow that the first calf of the cow will be gifted to another poor family.There is also a vet in the area who will check out the cows and advise on their care.

Apprenticeship scheme

Started November 2007

There are some older teenage boys who are in need of training for a future career.  Sister  Arul is looking into what is available in the area.  We would like to set up a fund for this project too.  This would mean that we would be able to help with the training and equipping of a young person for their future and also buy the tools of the trade to set them up.  One person in the village has already successfully been set up as a mechanic through funds donated.  If you are interested in supporting in such a way please contact us.  We would need to raise £150 per cow donated to this cause.

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