Posted by: Priya Tew | August 24, 2013

Self Sufficiency for widows in Sri Lanka

Income generated projects supported by Young Hope in Sri Lanka are bringing renewed dignity and hope to widows in both Galle and Nilaveli whose lives were turned upside down by the country’s 25 year civil war and the tsunami of 2004.

 One young widow used to live with her husband and 2 children in Vanni, in the north east just a few miles from Nilaveli. She lost her husband in 2007 during  the conflict and after that was displaced only to stay in different Displacement Camps having lost all of her belongings. Although the war is over now ……….these families have lost everything. How do they try to climb out of the poverty trap they find themselves in?

 Many other women were affected in the same way. Deprived of their husbands and their livelihoods, they were left without confidence or resources to enable them to get back on their feet  with hardly any assistance available from the government.

 Some of the fortunate young widows can find daily work  (hired to work for only one day at a time) and earn money to look after their children. Many families struggle to meet even their basic needs and their children have had to stop their education and go and find work too from a very young age of around 9 years old.

 But with assistance from Young Hope in the form of a sewing machine, some have been enabled to restart their earning capacity. By this and other such means the family needs of food, education and health care have begun to be met.

 Those living off the land have been provided with a cow from the Young Hope project in order to enable them to provide milk for the family and these families have then donated the calf that cow produces to another family in need. 

 Without your support non of these ventures would be possible…… we want to thank you for your continued generosity. PLEASE if you can, come & support the Fundraising Fun day being held  on the 14th of September on the Costa del sol.


For more info – please get in touch with Suzie.



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