About Us

On the 26th December 2004 the Tsunami struck Sri-Lanka leaving many homeless, without any way of earning money and many children without parents. Young Hope was set up to reach out to these people.

In March 2005 Priya went out to Sri-Lanka to see the devastation caused by the Tsunami. Through this trip 2 communities were placed on her heart and Young Hope aims to support these people and more who may need help. Suzie, Priya, James & David now run Young Hope.

Trincomalee was the first area of Sri-Lanka to be hit by the Tsunami. This part of the land has also been caught in civil war for the past 20 years. It was an area of poverty, fear and bombed buildings, the Tsunami came and took away what little these people had, including family members.  Young Hope now supports a community of nuns who look after a group of  400+ orphaned children. We provide them with education, a building to have lessons in, school equipment, some food and above all, love. Young Hope also  has a sponsorship scheme that provides sponsorship for 50 of these children at the moment. Money is also given to a community of nuns in Galle who help Tsunami affected people get back on their feet and restart their lives. All of the above assistance comes from sponsorship (see our sponsorship scheme page), or from fund raising in both Britain and Spain and 100% of funds received go to the project. All expenses are met by us.

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